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Doug Seegers

Walking On The Edge Of The World

  • CD1: 1. Walking On The Edge Of The World
  • CD1: 2. From Here To The Blues
  • CD1: 3. Zombie
  • CD1: 4. Will You Take The Hand Of Jesus
  • CD1: 5. She's My Baby
  • CD1: 6. How Long Must I Roll
  • CD1: 7. Before The Crash
  • CD1: 8. Give It Away
  • CD1: 9. Far Side Banks Of Jordan - Featuring Emmylou Harris
  • CD1: 10. If I Were You - Featuring Buddy Miller
  • CD1: 11. Mr. Weavil
  • CD1: 12. Don't Laugh At Me

Walking On The Edge Of The World

On this new record Doug sings about the reality he lived and still in some ways lives in. For although he is not in any way poor anymore, he still lives a simple life and keeps in touch with his old friends.

Most of the songs on "Walking On The Edge Of The World" are written by Doug himself and produced by Will Kimborough. Doug is backed by some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer, among others Al Perkins, Phil Madeira, Chris Donohue, Bryan Owings, Buddy Miller and Elizabeth Cook.
On the album there are also duets with both EmmyLou Harris and Buddy Miller.

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