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Phil Vassar

Prayer Of A Common Man
Hump 038

Phil Vassar Prayer Of A Common Man

  • CD1: 1. This Is My Life
  • CD1: 2. Around Here Somewhere
  • CD1: 3. My Chevrolet
  • CD1: 4. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
  • CD1: 5. Prayer Of A Common Man
  • CD1: 6. I Would
  • CD1: 7. Why Don't Ya
  • CD1: 8. It's Only Love
  • CD1: 9. Let Me Love You Tonight
  • CD1: 10. Baby Rocks
  • CD1: 11. The World Is A Mess
  • CD1: 12. Crazy Life

Prayer Of A Common Man

Phil Vassar's heart-swelling embrace of life's richest blessings is apparent throughout Prayer Of A Common Man, especially on lead single "Love Is A Beautiful Thing." At the same time, his writing has grown more introspective and personal, as "This Is My Life" and the title track can attest. The new album may show Vassar's serious side, but he hasn't forgotten how to have fun. "My Chevrolet," "Why Don't Ya" and "Baby Rocks" rank among his best toe-tappers and are already getting warm receptions at his heralded live shows.

Even on the love songs, Vassar shows his uncommon charm, wit and playfulness, be it "Around Here Somewhere" or "It's Only Love." And he's not shy about taking strong emotions head on with "I Would" or on the stunningly raw "Let Me Love You Tonight."