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Trisha Yearwood

Love Songs
Hump 033

  • CD1: 1. That's What I Like About You
  • CD1: 2. She's In Love With The Boy
  • CD1: 3. Down On My Knees
  • CD1: 4. I Don't Fall In Love So Easy
  • CD1: 5. If I Ain't Got You
  • CD1: 6. The Nightingale
  • CD1: 7. Thinkin' About You
  • CD1: 8. Maybe It's Love
  • CD1: 9. Powerful Thing
  • CD1: 10. I'll Still Love You More
  • CD1: 11. One Love
  • CD1: 12. Love Alone
  • CD1: 13. Baby Don't Let You Go
  • CD1: 14. Sweet Love

Love Songs


Love Songs brings together Trisha's most famous romantic numbers, beginning with "That's What I Like About You" and moving through hits like "Down on My Knees" from the album Hearts in Armor; "Maybe It's Love" from Everybody Knows; and Diane Warren's "I Still Love You More" which appeared on Where Your Road Leads. It closes with two tracks from the wonderful Jasper County album, "Baby Don't You Let Go" and "Sweet Love".

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