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Alan Jackson

Thirty Miles West

Alan Jackson Thirty Miles West

  • CD1: 1. Gonna Come Back As A Country Song
  • CD1: 2. You Go Your Way
  • CD1: 3. Everything But The Wings
  • CD1: 4. Talk Is Cheap
  • CD1: 5. So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore
  • CD1: 6. Look Her In The Eye And Lie
  • CD1: 7. Dixie Highway
  • CD1: 8. She Don't Get High
  • CD1: 9. Her Life's A Song
  • CD1: 10. Nothin' Fancy
  • CD1: 11. Long Way To Go
  • CD1: 12. Life Keeps Bringing Me Down
  • CD1: 13. When I Saw You Leaving (for Nisey)

Thirty Miles West

Country music superstar Alan Jackson releases his first album under a new partnership between ACR (Alan’s Country Records) and EMI Records Nashville and the 14th studio album of his career, produced by Keith Stegall. Thirty Miles West is released on Hump Head Records in the UK.   The lead single from the 13-track set is the poignant “So You Don’t Have to Love Me anymore,” a blues-tinged ballad that Music Row calls “a plain-spoken heartache ballad that packs a massive emotional wallop.”   Jackson penned six of the 13 songs on the album, including the romantic “Everything But the Wings,” “Dixie Highway,” a seven-and-a-half minute homage to rural life growing up in Georgia featuring Zac Brown, and the soul-baring “When I Saw You Leaving (for Nisey),” an intimate and emotional song drawn from his wife Denise’s battle with cancer over the last year.

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