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Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett

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The Jimmy Buffett Collection - Sun, Sea and Margaritas.


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      Jimmy Buffett Biography

      Jimmy Buffett is a major Musical superstar in America. Very much an American institution, he has become one of America's most consistently successful entertainers as a major concert attraction and platinum-selling album maker.

      He brought a good-time feel to popular music with his songs about boats, beaches, bars and beautiful women. Many of his songs reflect his lifestyle in the Florida Keys. Still around is something of an under-statement. At an age when even veteran country music stars struggle to sell albums and fill concert halls, Jimmy Buffett rolls on and on. He continues to tour throughout the year . Four decades on, his career is in fine shape. His loyal following of 'Parrothead' fans have made him one of popular music's most reliable and entertaining concert draws. Whilst his music is timeless and smile-inducing.