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Randy Rogers Band


  • CD1: 1. Goodbye Lonely
  • CD1: 2. Fuzzy
  • CD1: 3. Speak Of The Devil
  • CD1: 4. Flash Flood
  • CD1: 6. One More Sad Song
  • CD1: 7. If I Had Another Heart
  • CD1: 8. Don't Deserve You
  • CD1: 9. Had To Give That Up Too
  • CD1: 10. Shotgun
  • CD1: 12. Never Got Around To That


The Randy Rogers Band has always stuck with its bread-and-butter: Texas-bred country rock with plenty of heartbreak and woozy barroom anthems. It's earned them a dedicated following. For their new album, Trouble, they've taken a chance by handing over the reins to a big name producer. Jay Joyce -- the behind-the-scenes captain of Eric Church's Chief and Little Big Town's Tornado -- hasn't tinkered with the band's sound too much, but longtime fans should notice the difference. With Trouble, the good-natured party lovers feel like they've set a new standard. "The first record we made as a group 10 years ago was called Rollercoaster," says Rogers. "And I think we've always just tried to beat that one." DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.

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