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Terri Clark

Terri Clark - The Ultimate Collection
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  • CD1: 1. Better Things To Do
  • CD1: 2. When Boy Meets Girl
  • CD1: 3. If I Were You
  • CD1: 4. Suddenly Single
  • CD1: 5. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
  • CD1: 6. Emotional Girl
  • CD1: 7. Just The Same
  • CD1: 8. Now That I Found You
  • CD1: 9. You're Easy On The Eyes
  • CD1: 10. Everytime I Cry
  • CD1: 11. Unsung Hero
  • CD1: 12. A Little Gasoline
  • CD1: 13. No Fear
  • CD1: 14. Getting There
  • CD1: 15. I Just Wanna Be Mad
  • CD1: 16. Three Mississippi
  • CD1: 17. I Wanna Do It All
  • CD1: 18. Girls Lie Too
  • CD1: 19. The World Needs A Drink
  • CD1: 20. She Didn't Have Time
  • CD1: 21. Damn Right

Terri Clark - The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection features the best loved songs from Terri Clark's career so far.

Her first single 'Better Things To Do' hit the country top 5 in 1995. With her twangy vocals, cowboy boots and beat-up Telecaster guitar, Clark was a change from the pop-country divas who had dominated radio. Commercial success continued including the chart-topping 'Youíre Easy On The Eyes' and 'No Fear', a song about digging deep to find your true self that she co-wrote with Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Terri rapidly became the leader and role model for what might be termed the 'countrygrrrl' audience - independent-minded young women who know what they want. But it was Terri's inclusion, of four little words - 'size donít matter anyway' in her hit 'Girls Lie Too' that really agitated the country sisterhood. A new line had been crossed.

With further hits 'I Just Wanna Be Mad' and 'I Wanna Do It All' in 2003, Terri has established her place firmly amongst the Country elite.

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