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Delbert McClinton

Delbert McClinton

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      Delbert McClinton Biography

      Singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player and ace live performer, Delbert McClinton has recorded and performed his own personal blend of rockin' r&b and country-blues since the early 1960s.
      A master of his craft, Delbert McClinton fits his style like a favourite pair of boots. It's honky-tonk beer drinkin' good-time bar music, with a shot of ballads and blues. In his raucous up-tempo tunes he is seemingly having a little more fun in life than the average person and even his blues stem from too much fun, usually in the vein of love gone bad....'it is better to have loved and lost...' With his whiskey-drenched voice you can tell that this man has lived a full life, weathered the up and downs and turned all of his experiences into music that is at all times interesting and very entertaining.