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Doug Seegers

Going Down To The River

Doug Seegers Going Down To The River

  • CD1: 1. Angie's Song
  • CD1: 2. Going Down To The River (Album Version)
  • CD1: 3. She (Feat. Emmylou Harris)
  • CD1: 4. Lonely Drifter's Cry
  • CD1: 5. Hard Working Man
  • CD1: 6. Pour Me
  • CD1: 7. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Feat. Buddy Miller)
  • CD1: 8. Memory Lane
  • CD1: 9. Gotta Catch That Train
  • CD1: 10. Burning A Hole In My Pocket
  • CD1: 11. She's In A Rock n Roll Band
  • CD1: 12. Baby Lost Her Way Home Again

Going Down To The River

Will Kimbrough produced "Going Down to the River," which also includes contributions from Buddy Miller, a friend of Seegers' from his Austin days who reconnected with the singer in Nashville. Seegers' stint in Austin was also around the time when he discovered Parsons' music, and Seegers says including "She" on his album is a tribute to "one of my biggest influences."