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Jace Everett

Good Things - The Best Of

Jace Everett Good Things - The Best Of

  • CD1: 1. More to Life
  • CD1: 2. Good Times
  • CD1: 3. Like A Song
  • CD1: 4. Business is Booming
  • CD1: 5. Bad Things
  • CD1: 6. God Made You Mean
  • CD1: 7. Pennsylvania
  • CD1: 8. The Good Life
  • CD1: 9. Pretty Good Plan
  • CD1: 10. Autumn
  • CD1: 11. Little Black Dress
  • CD1: 12. No Place to Hide (Mountain Mix)
  • CD1: 13. One of Them
  • CD1: 14. Let’s Begin Again
  • CD1: 15. Saphirra (Live Trio)
  • CD1: 16. Lloyd’s Summer Vacation (Live Trio)
  • CD1: 17. Love is Gone (Live Trio)
  • CD1: 18. Down So Long (Live Trio)

Good Things - The Best Of

The story is, of course, all about "Bad Things". Or is it?
Certainly True Blood and its award winning intro sequence anchored by "Bad Things" opened a lot of doors for Everett. But an open door isn't of much use if you can't walk through it. And he did this in style with the best selling albums, Mr Good Times and Terra Rosa revealing twist after twist in the never-a-dull-moment career of a unique artist. Crossing styles and genres not just from song to song, but as a whole, distilling the craft of Nashville song writing, charges it with the energy and sensibility of rock and roll.

The album feature 14 of his finest songs, along with 4 exclusive live tracks.