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Jill Johnson

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It's hardly news that Jill Johnson succeeded in getting the Swedish public to listen to country. But today's Jill isn't just about country. Today's Jill paints from a palette where country shares a place with both rock and Americana, exemplified by the new album, "A Woman Can Change Her Mind", which takes Jill another step towards the status of a "rock-roots" artist. "I'd say that, "A Woman Can Change Her Mind" is more or less, chapter two of "Flirting With Disaster", in the sense that the sound has been established at the moment of writing. The last album gave country a rock-edge while this album has a rock-roots sound with a country-edge", explains Jill. Jill Johnson's enormous drive and energy has always lit up her projects and has been the unifying factor throughout her artistic career. It's not enough for her to allow herself to lean back and just bask in the glow of her success - Jill needs to push the boundaries. She has launched out into the international arena during the last year, with the album, "Flirting With Disaster" being released across Europe, and a European tour with American country artist, Toby Keith plus a duet with Lionel Richie on his latest album, "Tuskegee". Jill also found the time for an extensive concert tour during the spring and a summer tour in which she opted to reduce the size of the band and take to the stage with her guitar. Just as before, Jill has collaborated with the writing on the new album with close friends, Liz Rose, Lisa Carver, Pam Rose and Lori McKenna plus a new acquaintance - Stephony Smith. "Just women, a lot of experience and a lot of truth", says Jill with a smile. "I've written with the same women for a number of years and the songs have developed into a more streamlined sound than previously without it being a conscious strategy. This time my new enthusiasm for playing the guitar, even as we write, probably unconsciously, has coloured the sound that comes from my song writing", says Jill. "A Woman Can Change Her Mind" contains two duets. In "Come Wake Me Up" Jill sings together with the American multi-million selling trio, Rascal Flatts. In addition to selling over 21 million albums and topping all of the American charts, the group has won numerous, "Vocal Group of the year"- awards. In "Nobody's Getting Out Of This Love Tonight" Jill teams up with Nathan Chapman. Nathan produced Jill's album "The Woman I've Become" and received a first gold record. Today Nathan is one of the world's most successful producers and songwriters and is behind Taylor Swift's breakthrough amongst others. "A Woman Can Change Her Mind" was recorded live with the help of Malmo-producer, Amir Aly. To move from a secure throne as Sweden's country queen to producing a sound in which country shares the lead role with rock could be considered risky for anyone: but not for Jill. She's continues to go from strength to strength.