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Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings

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Wrasse Records releases Waylon's complete collection of his MCA years


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    Waylon Jennings has been acclaimed as one of the music world's truly innovative stylists. A powerful voice and a strong personality enabled this charismatic man to aspire to country music's heights. From a modestly successful career as a mainstream country and folk-country artist, he became the definitive Outlaw figure, a man who spearheaded the movement away from orchestral blandness in country towards exciting, gritty, more personalised music. Few artists in country music could touch Waylon Jennings in terms of delivering bluesy country anthems laced with grit and soul. If you have never sampled his rough'n'ready style of country, there's no better place to start than right here with this collection of his often-overlooked recordings that he made for MCA during the late 1980s. During a three-year period, Waylon released four albums, scoring half-a-dozen top 10 country hits including the chart-topping Rose In Paradise, but for some inexplicable reason, none of these recordings are counted amongst the singerís most memorable performances. This is something of a travesty, as vocally Waylon was at the top of his game. Following years of drug and alcohol abuse he had kicked his habit (though he still chain-smoked). It meant that for the first time in probably a dozen years listeners were able to hear the full timbre of his soul-drenched voice.